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Boost Your Bottom Line: How to Maximize ROI When Selling to Cash Buyers

Get the Best Offer: Maximize ROI When Selling Your House for CashGetting a cash offer on your home can be a great way to sell and get paid for your home quickly. Whether it’s an investment home or a family home you have outgrown, selling on the traditional market isn’t always best for your bottom line. As the seller, you can boost your profit margins by working with a great cash investor and following these simple steps. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind to ensure the best return on your real estate investment when you choose to sell a home ASAP to a cash buyer.

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Protect Your Profits! Sell Faster With Cash

One of the advantages for both buyer and seller is that a cash transaction can close more quickly. On average, selling to a cash buyer can have the seller go from offer to move-out within a couple of weeks. A traditional buyer who needs to wait for mortgage approval, by contrast, can easily take weeks, if not months. Time is money! These delays can increase your out-of-pocket moving expenses and eat away at your share of the final sale price.

Additionally, cash buyers are often willing to buy when you sell a home that needs repairs and would not be ready to be shown to mortgage-reliant buyers. Sellers do not have to do extensive renovations or spend time or money on staging, providing even more cushion around the bottom line.

Ways to Maximize Your Return on Investment When Selling to a Cash Buyer

Sellers always have the opportunity to increase a home’s value before selling when time permits to help get a better offer. A lot of little changes can go a long way when courting cash buyers. A fresh coat of paint, for instance, can often have more than a 100% return on investment. Be sure to consult with a professional and research comparable homes for sale in the area for further insight on what repairs and upgrades are most sought after and ensure you’re investing your time and money on the right projects.

First impressions make a huge difference in real estate, so put some time and money into areas like the entryway and landscaping. Anything that increases curb appeal has a good chance of getting you a better offer, which means a better return. Sprucing up your entryway is an inexpensive way to make a major difference in your home’s valuation and can often be taken care of over the course of a weekend.

Finally, a deep cleaning can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the home. Rooms will look brighter, fresher, and more inviting when the regular wear and tear of day-to-day living is wiped away. The kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and high-touch surfaces like door handles and light switches can all benefit from a deep cleaning. You can hire a company to handle the cleaning or use a comprehensive checklist for deep cleaning your house to help you stay organized when cleaning yourself.

Increase Your ROI by Getting the RIGHT Cash Offer

Securing a cash offer on a home can be an attractive option for sellers. A cash offer means that the buyer is willing and able to pay for the home upfront, without the need for a mortgage or financing, which can make the process of selling a home faster and far less complicated. Additionally, getting a cash offer on your home is incredibly simple.

To get a guaranteed offer, you should first vet cash buyers to find the best investors. When you have found a reputable cash buyer in your area, submit an application detailing some basic information about your home. Often in as little as a few days, the investor will contact you if they need any further information so you can quickly get an offer for quick cash on your home.

Get the Most From Your Cash Offer

Selling a home for cash can mean getting a great offer without having to invest as much time and money in the property. It also secures selling a much faster closing in any real estate market than if you were waiting only for bank-vetted buyers. By looking over the home and making smart decisions on the work you put in before you sell, you can get a far better return on what you put in.

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