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How to Sell a Home ASAP

How to Sell a House FastLife happens. While everyone would love the chance to sell a home on their own timeline, sometimes circumstances demand a quick sale. Whether you’re selling your home as-is or making quick repairs, these strategies can set the stage for listing quickly and successfully.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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Clean and Declutter

Rent a storage unit and remove as much clutter and excess as possible. A room with two armchairs, a loveseat, and a sofa may feel cramped; reduce the amount of furniture in half, and it will feel open and airy. A stuffed-full closet is unappealing. One with a few well-organized items invites the buyer to see how much storage space the home has to offer.

There isn’t a need to get rid of all personal items before showing a home. But cutting down on what is on display can make a big difference. Instead of leaving an entire collection of figurines on a shelf, consider displaying your three favorites.

Once the clutter is cut down, it’s time to consider serious cleaning. Deep cleaning can make a massive difference in the appearance of a home. Hiring someone to do a detailed job that includes steaming carpets and curtains and thoroughly cleaning blinds can be worthwhile.

Take Care of Quick Repairs

If you’re trying to sell a home that needs repairs, look around the house for the repairs that have been put off. From missing bits of molding to doors that don’t stay closed, these are all minor repairs that can make a big difference.

A few areas that can benefit from quick repairs include:

  • Replace loose or cracked tiles
  • Tighten leaky faucets
  • Fix or replace loose doorknobs

If time permits, a quick paint job can also do wonders for the appearance of a home. Fresh paint can make an area look updated, welcoming and new. Look through the home room by room to see which spaces would benefit most from a quick touch-up. As a bonus, the seller can often do these repairs independently, saving time and money.

Choose a Price Reduction Strategy

The longer a home is on the market, the lower the chances it’ll sell for the list price. Knowing this can help you make the right choices for a quick sale. Before listing, establish a strategy for price reductions if the home doesn’t sell right away.

The exact time frames and prices can be decided based on market conditions and feedback from potential buyers. But you can use each price reduction as an opportunity to get more eyes on the home.

Sales incentives can also help improve a home’s appeal to a potential buyer. Consider offering to pay buyers’ closing costs or upfront repair credits to entice buyers.

Add Curb Appeal

What buyers see when they first pull up dramatically affects how they feel about the home. Improving curb appeal is one of the best ways to add value to a home when selling quickly. Real estate agents agree that curb appeal is one of the most significant factors in whether a home will sell. Some homes never even get buyers inside because they judge the house based on what they see when they first pull up in the driveway.

Power washing the driveway, walkway, and, if appropriate, outer walls of the home can make a huge, immediate difference in how a home looks. Clean up the landscaping and add new flowering annuals if the season is right. If a complete repainting of the outside is not feasible, focus on a repainted front door and entryway.

Have a Quick, Successful Sale

We can’t always choose our timeline for a house sale. But we can make choices that will improve the chances of getting the offer we want on a timeline that works. Look for ways to increase your home’s value before selling and determine what can be changed or improved to make a home more appealing to sellers and to sell a home ASAP.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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