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5 Ways to Increase a Home’s Value Before Selling

Best Ways to Increase the Value of a HomeHomes are one of the most significant investments people make. No matter what the market looks like, a few things can increase a home’s value when selling. Even though it’s sometimes better to sell your home as-is, strategic attention to detail will increase the appeal of your listing and ensure a swift, fair close.

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Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

In survey after survey, home buyers say that energy-efficient appliances are among their top priorities. It makes sense. These smart technology updates reduce power usage, meaning they are more sustainable and more affordable to run.

If appliances like the fridge or stove are a bit dated, replacing those with Energy Star-approved models can make a big difference. There are even a few tax credits that can help defray the costs.

Touch Up the Home’s Finishes

Over time, paint on walls, doors, and molding can get scuffed and faded. A new coat can make the entire area look fresh and new. The best part is that this is one of those upgrades that is easiest for the homeowner to handle themselves.

According to experts, a fresh coat of paint can increase a home’s selling price by as much as five percent. Since paint and stain are relatively inexpensive upgrades, they can provide the best bang for your home investment buck.

Paint also offers a chance to make areas of the house warmer, brighter, and more inviting. Take time to assess which areas in the house could benefit from a touch-up to increase value before a listing.

Talk to interior designers or real estate agents to find which visual upgrades can help increase the home’s value the most or learn to properly paint your home yourself.

Increase Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. Stand on the street and look at your home to start deciding which elements can best increase the home’s curb appeal.

Updated entryways, cleaned-up landscaping, and new house numbering are all elements that can make a home more appealing from the street. Attention to detail when considering landscaping before listing can go a long way in increasing the value of the home. The sooner potential buyers fall in love with the house, the more likely they are to buy.

Focus on the Baths and Kitchen

If you have the time and budget for major remodeling, focus attention on the kitchens and the bathrooms. These are the rooms where remodeling pays off most.

In the kitchen, adding an island, replacing countertops, and upgrading appliances are the upgrades that provide the most impact. Look at updating fixtures, resurfacing bathtubs or showers, or improving lighting in bathrooms.

How big the return on a remodeling investment is will depend on many factors. Do you need to hire someone, or can you do much of the work yourself? There can also be a significant variance in the cost of fixtures and appliances. Look for deals and plan ahead to get the most cost-effective results or learn more about selling a home that needs repairs.

Finish an Unfinished Area

Have a basement that’s been used for storage? A back porch that is just a cement slab? Finishing these areas so a new homeowner can use them as additional living space can significantly increase a home’s selling price.

Many homeowners are looking toward upgrades like “outdoor patios” to sell them on a home. Use a combination of landscaping, lighting, and outdoor furnishings to create an inviting outdoor space.

A huge upgrade isn’t always necessary to make a difference. In a basement, just adding drywall, paint, and carpet can significantly impact the aesthetic. Be sure to look into your local zoning and code rules so that any improvements are properly permitted.

Thoughtful Upgrades Can Increase a Homes Value Before you Sell

When it comes to increasing the value of a home, thoughtful choices can make all the difference. Review these areas to get the best return on your time and money before you sell your home.

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