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Property Partition: Can You Force the Sale of a Jointly Owned Property?

Jointly owning property can bring a unique set of challenges, particularly when your circumstances change. Maybe a romantic relationship fizzled out. Maybe you co-own a business and want to move on to bigger, better things. Maybe you and your siblings have different views on whether to keep an inherited property. Regardless of the specifics, joint … Continued

Selling a Home With a Quitclaim Deed: How to Do It, Tips & Tricks

Selling a home with a quitclaim deed can be a unique challenge, yet it offers distinct opportunities for those well-prepared. While less conventional than standard warranty deeds, this property transfer method is a practical solution in certain situations. For sellers, understanding the intricacies of quitclaim deeds is key to a successful transaction that won’t exceed … Continued

What are Squatters Rights in Oregon? Adverse Possession & Eviction

If you need to sell a vacant property fast, discovering that someone’s been living there without your consent will catapult your stress levels to new heights. However, you can’t simply use force to remove them—you can get in legal trouble if you try. This is because squatters have protections under federal and state law. Squatters … Continued

Selling a House With Lead Paint: Navigating Lead Paint Concerns

Homeowners must understand the implications of selling a house with lead paint. Lead paint, commonly used in homes before 1978, can pose health risks if not managed properly. This article provides essential insights into the regulations, necessary disclosures, and steps for handling lead paint when selling a property. Lead paint is unique from other problems … Continued

Real Estate Counter Offers: What Sellers Should Know About Negotiations

Counteroffers in real estate can be a game-changer for anyone looking to sell their home. They occur when a buyer or seller is not fully satisfied with the original price and makes an offer of their own. This involves negotiation on various elements, including the sales price, closing costs, and specific terms of the sale.  … Continued

Can You Sell a House in Foreclosure? 4 Ways to Sell Your Home in Foreclosure

In times of financial hardship, understanding your options is crucial. For homeowners who have missed mortgage payments, one pressing question often arises: can you sell a house in foreclosure? This is a complex scenario, gathering all available information is key for those navigating this challenging situation. The goal is to make informed decisions and understand … Continued

Selling a House With Fire Damage: Tips & Considerations

Selling a house with fire damage is difficult—but it is possible. For a successful sale, it’s important to understand the complexities involved in selling your home after a fire, including the magnitude and impact of damage, the minds of potential buyers, and the value (or lack thereof) of repairs. If you have a house with … Continued

Selling a House With Water Damage: What to Know & Steps to Take

Selling a house with water damage can often feel like a nightmare for homeowners. The thought of navigating repairs, calculating the impact on property value, and dealing with potential buyer concerns can make the selling process seem overwhelming.  However, there is a streamlined solution that offers a beacon of hope: selling to a cash home-buying … Continued

Can a Seller Back Out After Accepting an Offer on a House?

Navigating the home sale process raises important questions, particularly concerning a seller’s ability to back out after accepting an offer. There are potential conditions under which a seller might legally withdraw from an agreement, but there may be consequences, too. Essential for both sellers and buyers, understanding these aspects is critical in the realm of … Continued

Can You Sell an Unfinished House?

You’ve got a conundrum: for one reason or another, your home is a construction zone and you want someone to take it off your hands. Maybe you underestimated your budget and can’t finish a renovation. Maybe you were doing some repairs to get your home ready for sale but your contractor is ghosting you. Whatever … Continued

Can You Sell a House with Polybutylene Pipes?

When preparing your home for a quick sale, the prospect of replacing its plumbing may be as daunting as finding the home completely flooded. A potential source of both of these scenarios is polybutylene pipes. Selling a home with polybutylene pipes can be a difficult decision. You need to understand the risks, costs, and alternatives … Continued

Can I Sell My Home With an Open Insurance Claim?

Navigating normal real estate transactions can be complicated enough, but then you run into unique situations like selling a home with an open insurance claim. Can you even do it? What are the implications? Who gets the money, and how does it affect the sale?  Understanding these factors is crucial for homeowners to make informed … Continued

What to Do If Your Contractor Abandons Your Project

Dealing with a residential contractor abandoning your project can be stressful and confusing. It’s crucial to know the steps to take to mitigate the impact and find a resolution. This article provides guidance on handling such scenarios, including understanding your rights, exploring legal options, and finding ways to complete your project. Whether you began the … Continued